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Surface Pro Pricing

By:Christine Fettinger

Based on

It looks like we have the following Price matrix:


Surface RT 32Gb (Tablet Only)

$ 499.00

Surface RT 32Gb + Touch Cover

$ 599.00

Surface RT 64Gb + Touch Cover

$ 699.00

Surface Pro 64Gb

$ 920.00

Surface Pro 128 Gb

$ 1,026.00

Accessories / add-ons

Microsoft Assure (extended Warranty, etc.)

$ 99.00

Surface Touch Cover

$ 119.00

Surface Type Cover

$ 129.00

Office 2013 Mobile (for iOS and Android) is due to be released next year, but I haven’t been able to find any prices. One thing to note is that Surface has Office 2013 built in, so there is a little offset to price in that manner for those who only look at the price to determine which is “best.”

iPad prices for reference:


iPad Mini 16Gb

$ 329.00

iPad Mini 32Gb

$ 429.00

iPad Mini 64Gb

$ 529.00

iPad 3 16Gb

$ 499.00

iPad 3 32Gb

$ 599.00

iPad 3 64Gb

$ 699.00

iPad 2 16Gb

$ 399.00

I looked over the “Microsoft Assure” program to compare it to Apple’s “Apple Care.” Apple Care is theoretically the same price, $99 to get two-year coverage. It covers two replacements, however there is a $49 fee each time. Assure’s TOS mentions a $50 fee for smart phones only. It states, however, that it’s only available at Microsoft stores, so I’m not sure if this plan will be available to enterprises.

Here’s also a unique little hack for the SD memory cards that might be useful to those who want more