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Surface Vs The iPad

By:Christine Fettinger

With the unveiling of Microsoft’s Surface, the question of how this will compete with Apple’s iPad has become a significant source of intrigue. Not only is Microsoft directly contending with Apple, but with its own software partners, HP and Dell.

Two separate versions of the Surface are scheduled to be released this year. In the fall, a light version of the device will become available alongside Windows 8. A second more expanded version will hit about three months afterwards. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, there are a number of key features that stand out as likely value points for our business customers.

In Terms of Features:

Merely looking at the light version available in the fall, there are many advantages to the Surface.

  • The ratio of the screen is 16:9 – the perfect ratio for HD viewing.
  • The light version includes Microsoft Office at no extra charge.
  • The inclusion of a keyboard with the product is a definite enhancement from the iPad.
  • The cover of the Surface functions as a keyboard as well as the protective shield.
  • The kickstand included easily converts the experience of the tablet into a laptop.

The light version of the Surface will run parallel to an iPad in terms of running only on applications downloaded. There are already a plethora of apps for the Apple family, which could make it difficult for Microsoft to step in with this new tablet.

That aside, the storage space is nearly double that found in the current line of iPads and, when including the full Windows 8 version of the Surface, this new tablet functions more as a replacement for a laptop as well as a tablet. Just as a laptop, the knowledge available from IT Training significantly opens up the possibilites of the tablet’s use. It is optimized for creating, editing, and working, while the iPad has only transitioned into this area. The iPad’s primarily functions for viewing and interacting with already available content. The Surface is perfect for recreational use at home and remote access for off-site employees.

In Terms of Professional Use:

As the Surface functions as both a tablet and a laptop, it is ideal for both office and at home use. The sheer weight and size of a tablet make it ideal for remote and/or on the move workers. Typing via a touchscreen virtual keyboard can become tedious. The built-in kickstand and keyboard set up make it easily applicable in the professional setting.

Additionally, the kick-stand provides a simple manner in which to exhibit powerpoints, graphs, or even medicinal data during meetings. It would run easily with office tools such as Sharepoint. Therefore, this new product not only makes it easier to input information and use the device as a laptop, but also includes a hands-free and green way to show these documents (as opposed to printing).

iPads have already begun to filter into the medical field. They have been implemented to research the meaning of symptoms of patients or record results. The creation of HealthCare Applications for the iPad is not new. Therefore, it may take some time for Microsoft to catch up in this field.


This new product has been well designed by Microsoft and seems to be a worthy competitor to the iPad. The expansion of apps and the pricing of the unit will only reveal how this promising product will develop in the market.

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