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How to Sync Sharepoint to Outlook Calendars

By:Christine Fettinger

To say that SharePoint is popular would be an understatement; at 7.3 million new users a year, Microsoft claims it is the fastest growing product in their company’s history.

So, perhaps you are like many users and have just opened your new Office 365 account. Once you’ve tackled the task of provisioning a SharePoint site, you suddenly have a new batch of resources-including a new calendar. As most business owners will already be using an active calendar via Outlook, the next step is to add a syncing SharePoint Calendar to Outlook. This way, all appointments, projects and work events can be viewed on a personal Outlook Calendar.

Note: These instructions are meant to direct users with an Enterprise Licensing plan, which differs in setup from a P1, or small business licensing plan.

If you do not already have a calendar in your Home toolbar on the left, simply add one by clicking “Site Actions” in the top left corner of your SharePoint site and select “More Options.”


After choosing “Calendar” from the options, name it and click “Create.”


Open your calendar, which should now be visible in your left Home toolbar under “Lists.” Click any calendar day to reveal an array of tools at the top. One of the buttons that should appear is “Connect to Outlook”-click it.

Ss 1-final

A “Launch Application” window should pop up, with Microsoft Outlook automatically highlighted. Select “OK,” and the hardest part is over!


At this point, Outlook will start up, and ask “Connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook?” Select “Yes,” and watch as your SharePoint Calendar is positioned right next to your Outlook Calendar.

Ss 3final

Though the two calendars remain separate, you can overlay them to neatly appear into one easy-to-read calendar.


If you got lost along the way, or have additional questions, Microsoft has a step-by-step tutorial illustrating all this in even more detail here.

Apple users will be unable to pull the “Connect to Outlook” button up on a MacBook. This is no fault of your browser. Look at the Microsoft Office for Mac website and you’ll notice that this is a characteristic of Office for Mac 2011. So, if you are working from a Mac, I’m afraid this feature is unavailable.

Table -office -for -mac 2011

However,rumor has it that an update allowing SharePoint/Outlook Calendar syncs for Mac Office 2011 will be available at some unknown but upcoming date.

Hopefully syncing calendars will make your job a bit easier. To answer advanced questions on SharePoint Calendar syncing with other products, feel free to talk to our SharePoint Designers or call. We look forward to answering your questions.