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Tablet Comparison for Businesses

By:Christine Fettinger

New data from Harris Interactive suggests that 15 percent of Americans now own a tablet device (keep in mind that this is up from roughly 8 percent one year ago). As tablets continue to surge in popularity, many businesses are looking to the market as a means to equip mobile workers with the same functionality of a typical laptop, yet at a reduced cost.

Unfortunately, as the market grows, so have options. Business owners now find themselves overwhelmed with with tablet statistics that are closer to Greek than English for many. To demonstrate this, you can find a chart at the bottom of this page (full chart) which compares features of over 45 major tablets. While this may be useful for some IT professionals, we figured it made more sense to pull out a few select picks that business owners should look closely at.

In the graph immediately below, I’ve pulled two tablets aside that would be worth considering for your business environment. Below this you will find a brief review of each phone as well.

NameOSPriceRelease dateScreen size4G support confirmed?Wifi-only version confirmed?
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Honeycomb$480 – $600Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Lenovo ThinkPad TabletHoneycomb$430Available now10.1-inchNoYes

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

First off: The Galaxy Operating System (Honeycomb) is arguably the best option on the market for business users:

– Robust notifications system designed for ease of management and navigation

– Effective support for Exchange integration and email management

– Support for Video Calls and meetings

– Ability to apply encryption of the entire tablet (don’t forget your password if you do this)

– Wide range of connectivity options: USB tethering, hotspot, Bluetooth tethering, etc.

– Unlike iPad’s screen doubling, Android apps run full-screen natively in Honeycomb.

I could continue listing features, but the core message is that the overall OS experience leaves you with a device that runs extremely smoothly. For business owners who might be running several email accounts while flipping between data intensive applications and their conference call, smooth is very important.

While part of this is a function of the OS, the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also a major component of its performance. A review test done by Engadget clocked the “in-use” battery life at 10 hours, making it a great fit all-day for trade shows and conventions. Additionally the tablet sports the same specs as the more expensive limited edition release 4G LTE version from Verizon(1GHz Tegra 2, 1280 x 800 resolution display, front- and rear-facing cameras).

Lastly, Google’s app store for Honeycomb is the only option to rival Apple’s volume of options available. Providing end business users a wide array of custom developed business productivity apps.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

The Lenovo ThinkPad is a tablet aimed squarely at business users. It looks a bit clunky and won’t win you points with Apple groupies, but it supplies unique business targeted software along with the business friendly Honeycomb OS.

The design itself is targeted towards professions. Sporting larger buttons which are easier to press and a pen to write with for users over the age of 20 (the non-finger-tap-typing-at-inhuman-speeds generation).

The ThinkPad carries the same great Operating System as previous example, while also coming preloaded with business focused software of its own.

All and all its a bit cheaper, heavier, and less lightning fast that the Samsung Galaxy mentioned above, but for some businesses it makes for a great affordable option for their on-the-move sales staff.

Full Tablet Comparison Chart

NameOSPriceRelease dateScreen size4G support confirmed?Wifi-only version confirmed?
Acer Iconia Tab A100Honeycomb$330-$350Available now7-inchNoYes
Acer Iconia Tab A500Honeycomb$400Available now10-inchNoYes
Acer Iconia Tab A501Honeycomb$329 w/AT&T contractAvailable now10-inchYesYes
Amazon Tablet 10-inchUnknownUnknown201210-inchUnannouncedUnannounced
Amazon Kindle Fire Amazon-customized
Android 2.3
$199November 15, 20117-inchNoYes
Apple iPadiOS$500Available now9.7-inchNoYes
Apple iPad 2iOS$500-$830Available now9.7-inchNoYes
Archos 70Android 2.2$260Available now7-inchNoYes
Archos 101Android 2.2$260Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Archos 80 G9Honeycomb$300Available now8-inchNoYes
Archos 101 G9Honeycomb$370Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Asus SliderHoneycomb$480-$580Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Asus TransformerHoneycomb$400Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Asus Transformer 2Ice Cream Sandwichn/aQ4 201110.1-inchNoNo
Asus MeMOHoneycomb$500-$70020127-inchUnannouncedNo
Coby KyrosAndroid 2.2$170Available now8-inchNoYes
Dell Streak 5Android 2.2$200-$550Available now5-inchNoNo
Dell Streak 7Android 2.2$270-$450Available now7-inchYesNo
Fusion Garage Grid 10Grid OS$300-$400Available now10.1-inchNoNo
HP TouchPadWebOS 3.0$100-200Available now9.7-inchNoYes
HTC Evo View 4G (Sprint)Android 2.3$400Available now7-inchNoYes
HTC Evo View 4G (Sprint)Android 2.3$400Available Now7-inchNoYes
HTC FlyerAndroid 2.3$300Available now (at Best Buy only)7-inchNoYes
HTC JetstreamHoneycomb$700-$800Available now10.1-inchYesNo
Lenovo IdeaPad A1Android 2.3$250Unannounced7-inchNoYes
Lenovo IdeaPad K1Honeycomb$440Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Lenovo ThinkPad TabletHoneycomb$430Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Maylong Universe M-150Android 2.2$130Available now7-inchNoYes
Motorola XoomHoneycomb$600Available now10.1-inchYesYes
RIM Blackberry PlaybookBlackBerry Tablet OS$300-$500Available now7-inchNoYes
Samsung Galaxy TabAndroid 2.2$150-$550Available now7-inchNoNo
Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-FiAndroid 2.2$300-$350Available now7-inchNoYes
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusHoneycombUnannouncedUnannounced7.7-inchYesNo
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7HoneycombUnannouncedUnannounced7.7-inchYesNo
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Honeycomb$470-$570Available now8.9-inchNoYes
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE (Verizon)Honeycomb$530-$630Available now10.1-inchYesNo
Sony S TabletHoneycomb$500-$600Available now9.4-inchNoYes
Sony P TabletHoneycombUnannouncedFall 20115.5-inch (dual-screen)YesNo
T-Mobile G-SlateHoneycomb$300-$600Available now8.9-inchYesNo
Toshiba AT200HoneycombUnannounced201110.1-inchUnannouncedYes
Toshiba Thrive 7HoneycombUnannounced20117-inchNoYes
Toshiba Thrive 10Honeycomb$370-520Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Velocity Micro Cruz T408Android 2.3$240Available now8-inchNoYes
Velocity Micro Cruz T410Android 2.3$300Available now10-inchNoYes
Velocity Micro Cruz TabletAndroid 2.2$145-$200Available now7-inchNoYes
Viewsonic Viewpad 7Android 2.2$300-$500Available now7-inchNoYes
Viewsonic ViewPad G TabletAndroid 2.2$270-$325Available now10.1-inchNoYes
Vizio Tablet VTAB1008Android 2.3$317Available now8-inchNoYes

Source of original chart data