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Tech we are excited about in 2013

By:Christine Fettinger

In the world of technology, the fourth quarter is when it all happens – shoppers amp up for the Christmas season and demand new exciting products. Not all of these new products are just for consumers.

The trends in information technology definitely indicate that businesses will be moving more and more to mobile devices. Many businesses who are moving into the age of mobile devices will be interested in products being released. What products can businesses look forward to as the summer winds down.

  • Verizon Phones:
    As the number one wireless provider in America, any new Verizon-friendly mobile devices are a big deal for businesses looking for new products. The last major release of Verizon phones occurred last September with the Droid Razr series. CNET News predicts that within the next weeks we could see the successors to these products unveiled.
  • Google Products:
    Google’s next event, scheduled for July 24 th, is expected by many to be very eventful in terms of product release. With respect to productivity, businesses should stay tuned for the release of the Nexus 7 tablet, and an updated version of the Android phone.
  • Motorola Phones:
    The Moto X, produced by Motorola, is by no means a tech secret. What we don’t have, however, is a full list of details on price, availability, and supported carriers. Once the phone becomes official on August 1 st these details will be released. Business looking for new mobile products should keep an ear out.

With lots of products on the market, the biggest question for businesses becomes finding the mobile devices that will maximize their investment and meet their IT needs.

For businesses looking for aid in navigating the world of IT and mobile devices, CyberStreams Inc. offers IT Consulting Services and Mobile Device Management Services to small and medium sized businesses. If you are unsure about how your business should use mobile devices, or if you are concerned about security associated with employees using mobile devices for work, contact a CyberStreams representative today!