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Teo Unified Communications

CyberStreams Business Phone Systems Group is an Elite Northwest certified provider of the Teo Unified Communications Solutions, encompasing Teo VOIP deskphones, softphones, and Teo UC Mobile Client products to seemlessly integrate your workforce and supercharge productivity. CyberStreams implements Teo solutions with customers looking for a highly integrated UC solution.

teo_unified_communications_server_front_230x79Teo Unified Communications scales effortlessly from 5 to 5,000 users with a selection of purpose built hardware foundations.

Instead of stacking servers and functionality on top of eachother, the Teo solution provides a fully unified experience. One user experience, one server, and one management interface across all devices.


In our personal lives we use multiple technologies for the various modes of communication we utilize throughout our day, primarily accessible from a smartphone. Yet at work, most people are stuck with email and desk phones to communicate.

Desk phones are 100 years old, and email is 40 years old!

Why are most people still working with 100 and 40 year old technology to get their jobs done?

The reason is alarmingly simple.

Traditional phone system providers have approached this problem by adding layer upon layer of new technology to outdated voice architectures, creating barely functioning feature sets teetering on mountains of unreliable hardware.

Besides being costly to implement and maintain, these systems were not designed from the ground up with the idea of Unified and Mobile communications.They are cumbersome to use, and therefore they don’t get adopted in the workplace.

Teo UC Pro Server

Teo offers a revolutionary unified communications solution that’s available today, highly affordable, and made in the USA. With our unified communications solution, employees have one phone for everything and a single IP extension for wherever they are, eliminating the need for expensive landlines and VPNs. Ultimately, this increases employee productivity and efficiency by fully integrating mobile, remote, and distributed workers.

Our adaptable platform brings together the power of enterprise-grade technology with intuitive user interfaces. As the only unified communications product developed with the user experience foremost in mind, we designed the user interfaces with the specific goal of creating a system that’s both easy to use and easy to administer. And we took the same approach to licensing, making it extraordinarily easy for you to deploy and upgrade the platform as your organization grows.

The Teo UC (Unified Communications) System is a SIP-based VoIP platform that integrates a wide variety of communications services via a software-based solution that runs on the TeoTech UC Pro Server. The server runs proprietary Teo software on a Linux operating system, and can be configured for a wide range of station and call capacities.

Features – UC Pro Server


  • State of the Art Web Interface
  • PC/MAC/Linux Support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • LDAP Integration
  • CSV Import
  • Mass Provision Users
  • Mass Provision Devices
  • Centralized Administration for all system functions:
    o Call Control o Voice Mail
    o Call Recording
    o E911
    o Auto Attendant
    o Hunt Groups
    o Fax
    o User ID and password Protection
    o User groups
    o Voicemail
    o Trunk Groups
    o Route Devices
    o Dial Plans
    o Least Cost Routing
    o Online User Guides
    o Video Tutorials
    o Extension Lists
    o Batch Update Utility
    o User Notifications
    o Admin Message Center
    o Dial-up Conference Bridge


  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Event Reporting
  • Email Event Notification
  • SMS Event Notification

Call Detail Reporting

  • CDR Database
  • User Activity
  • Comma Delimited Output
  • Remote CDR Viewing
  • CDR Output

System Features

  • Multiple Scheduled Auto Attendants
  • Multiple Extension Length Support
  • Feature Permissions
  • SIP Server Failover
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Hot Swappable Power supplies
  • Hot Swappable Drive bays
  • Integrated Voicemail
  • Integrated Fax Server
  • E911 Advanced Notification
  • Integrated Mobile Integration
  • Presence-based Call Routing
  • SOHO Support
  • Multi Site Support

Voicemail Controls, Phone Based

  • Play
  • Record
  • Delete
  • Save
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Send to Email
  • Mark Urgent

Hunt Groups

  • Simultaneous Hunt
  • Single or Multiple Calls
  • Busy Out Extension
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward No Answer

Voicemail Controls, User Portal

  • Play
  • Record
  • Delete
  • Save
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Send to Email
  • Mark Urgent

Auto Attendant

  • Unlimited Menus
  • Unlimited Levels
  • Unlimited Schedule
  • DID Access
  • Play and Record Files Over Phone or PC
  • Import Files
  • Multi Language Support
  • Text to Speech
  • Scheduled Modes per Menu
  • Default
  • After Hours
  • Holiday
  • Custom

Single Digit Actions

  • Dial by First Name
  • Dial by Last Name
  • Go to Extension
  • Go to Menu
  • Hang up
  • Repeat Prompt
  • Go to Voicemail

E911 Notification Option Features

  • Create ERL Zones for accurate notification of E911
  • Create multiple notification groups and notifyees
  • Activate or deactivate recording of all Emergency Calls
  • Set up screen pop, SMS, and email notifications to onsite and offsite notifyees for improved emergency response
  • Multilevel mapping available in alerts
  • Emergency procedures for the company or zone included in alerts