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Top 6 Ways to Prevent Mobile Malware

By:Christine Fettinger

Mobile Malware—the rapid threat that every user should be aware of. Especially if bring your own device (BYOD) is popular within your corporate realm. The increased use of mobile devices creates risks that are unavoidable. Analyzing threats and creating solutions for the future are top priority.

According to ESET there has been an increase in mobile malware over the past year. This applies mostly towards Android platform devices. The platform has drawn an increased amount of attention towards malicious programmers. Sources such as CompTIA suggest that mobile ransomware will gain traction in 2014.

Numbers suggest PC malware has grown flat in past two quarters of 2013. While Android malware grew a steady 33%! Although platforms such as: Windows, Blackberry, and IOS phones are not immune to attacks. As of now malware on these platforms do exist. However, threats are significantly lower.
BYOD is here to stay, and it’s not leaving. Precautionary steps should be followed whether it’s utilizing a company mobile device or BYOD. Let us identify solutions to prevent mobile malware:

  1. Over the Air Networks – Accessing company data in an over the air network can compromise company data. Incorporate a VPN that requires users to connect through secure tunnels.
  2. Anti-Malware – Android users are strongly advised to install a form of anti-malware. Such as a mobile security suite. They should include: anti-virus, antispyware, anti-theft, firewall, and SMS/MMS anti-spam. ESET provides a complete mobile suite at your disposal.
  3. Encryption – Losing a device is the number one problem that mobile device users face. Encryption is the first line of defense. Remote wipe may also be a viable option.
  4. Trusted Application Sources – Install apps from a trusted sources. Sources such as the Apple App Store and Google Play are recommended. Implementing a centralized enterprise application store can greatly benefit through the localization of corporate programs.
  5. Inform Users – Beware of applications that ask for more access and privileges than it needs to do its job. Instead users should think twice before installing an application.
  6. Prevent Jailbreaking – The process of removing security limitations from the operating system. Therefore jailbreaking can gain full access to the operating system. We recommended to never jailbreak a company device.

Here at CyberStreams we have strong partnerships with our vendors. We can helpyour company stay on top of the latest mobile malware threats, contact us now! (425-274-1121 option 6)