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Top 3 Unexpected IT Issues That Are Likely Impacting YOUR Staffs’ Ability to Stay Productive & Efficient!

By:Christine Fettinger

According to a survey conducted by TeamQuest, IT outages are the most common unexpected IT issue. The survey was amongst 214 IT managers with 1,000+ employees – and the most common IT-related issues begin with network slowdowns and outages:

  1. Network slowdowns and outages:
  2. Out of 214 IT managers, the results indicated 46% believed network slowdowns/outages were the most common unexpected IT issue. There are many components to how a network interacts with business IT infrastructure; slowdowns and outages can indicate ISP issues, IT management issues, hardware configuration issues, etc.

  3. Poor performing applications:
  4. Second on the list is poor performing applications at 43%. While the description alone is broad, we can narrow it down with the basic compatibility. It’s safe to say that Windows and Mac will have compatibility issues varying from each vendor. Even outdated hardware may not be up to par with business applications.

    The recent trend of bring your own device (BYOD) and Shadow IT makes it hard to manage devices, especially as the Internet becomes more volatile. It’s common for an employee to use their mobile device for personal use at home while accessing their work documents on the same device; which often leads to malware infections and poor performance with applications.

  5. Unanticipated change requests:
  6. Third on the list is an unanticipated change request at 42%. This includes adding, termination, and disgruntled employees. A company that deals with high turnover rates is applicable in this category. Even temporary employees need credentials to access their workstations – and it’s easy to disregard a simple task, such as these, as they can take time to execute.

As for the rest of the survey, here are the findings for the last nine unexpected IT issues, in order, that are likely impacting your staffs’ productivity and efficiency throughout the workday:

  1. Equipment failures 38%
  2. Change quality issues 37%
  3. Availability issues 36%
  4. Third party services/software issues 35%
  5. Call center issues 34%
  6. Technology upgrade requests 31%
  7. Missed deadlines 24%
  8. Capacity issues 22%
  9. None of these 9%

For small to mid-size business owners, this is a great list to keep in mind. If you’re not able to justify hiring a full-time IT department or IT manager, start looking to outsource your IT operations and prevent unexpected IT issues or network slowdowns/outages from taking a toll on your staffs’ productivity. To learn more, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}. Cyberstreams is the leading IT support company for businesses in Bellevue and the Seattle area.