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Unified Communications

Businesses are now given opportunities never seen before. Offices are able to span over alternate locations and devices. Work can be done at a desk or on the go in countless different ways. We have so many various modes of communications we have to utilize throughout the day.

Businesses need to manage all of these new forms of communication. Fax, e-mail, and desk phones are not the best means of contact anymore. These forms need to be reintegrated into the larger system of communication of our current society. Time wasted on attempting to reach a colleague is eliminated with unified communications. Employees can connect faster and complete their work earlier.

Unified communications fuses e-mail, phone, mobile, fax, IM, conferencing, and file sharing. With these two separate platforms, your office communication has never been so integrated but easy. Teo Unified Communications and Microsoft Lync have formatted their platforms to shrink the means of office communications to one specific application where all are feasible and compatible.

Teo Tech

Teo’s unified communications means truly unified voice, HD video, instant messaging, messaging, e-mail integration, and mobility accessible from any PC, Mac, desk phone, smartphone, or tablet.Cyberstreams _Services Business Phone Systems _Med

The User Portal is accessible from any of these devices in any location online. It allows users to set and view presence, view and manage their call log, retrieve and play voicemails, call recordings, send and receive faxes, schedule and invite others to conference calls, and manage presence/schedule based calling routes. With presence/schedule based calling routes, you can manipulate how each call transfers through your different devices to best reach you wherever you are.

Invitations to conference calls can be configured with multiple internal and external participants in diverse formats. They can be sent in an Outlook format, a Gmail format, and other of the most popular calendar tool formats. Meetings can be easily recorded for later viewing.

The system is natively integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Visual voicemail sends a text version of your voicemail directly to your e-mail. Faxes can be sent directly from and to your e-mail as well. Easily edit phone extensions and add or change user profiles. Teo offers a unified communications platform that is unprecedented.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform for businesses. Lync combines your existing e-mail with cloud-based VoIP, audio/video/web conferencing, instant messaging, and deskshare services. A quick scan tells employees where a colleague is located and one click connects them instantly via e-mail, instant message, phone, or even a conference call.

Presence helps users connect using the appropriate means at the current time. Instead of e-mailing documents back and forth for edits, colleagues can host a conference without leaving their desks. Lync’s conferencing abilities include sharing desktops, applications, and virtual whiteboards. Group chat options also enables quick communication between colleagues working on a project over time.

Voice over IP (VoIP) enables communication throughout a business whether your office runs on multiple sites or whether your employees are on mobile devices. Using the internet, long distance charges are eliminated as well as travel costs to meet for a conference. There’s no question of where a conference can be held when it can be held directly from the work station. A user can access Lync from anywhere with an internet connection from any device – PC, phone, mobile phone, or browser.

Lync is interfaced with Microsoft Outlook so that all contacts between the two applications are shared. As Lync is a Microsoft platform, most users are already familiar with the interface. Unified communications at the office is easy with this Microsoft tool.