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Use Skype to Streamline Your Business Communications

By:Christine Fettinger

Businesses of all sizes rely on communication to reach their goals. Whether this means collaborating on projects with employees that are out of town or working from home, speaking directly with contractors to make sure you are all on the same page or talking to suppliers about your unique needs, using Skype helps streamline your business communications.

Skype for Business? Yes, It Can Be Done!

Skype has long been used by individuals to have face-to-face conversations from afar but few businesses were able to utilize this service until fairly recently. With both free and paid services, Skype’s features can be used by businesses of all stripes. In addition to chatting and messaging with other Skype users who are online, businesses can also share files. Basic Skype features also enables businesses to facilitate voice conference calls between several users, as well as share screens — important services that are needed for training tutorials and business presentations.

Enhanced Skype Services for Business

Skype also provides businesses with enhanced services with their paid options. For example, businesses can call both landline users and mobile users on a per-minute basis, set up online phone numbers, so you can receive calls from suppliers and callers from regular landline phones, use video conferencing with three or more users and much more. Forward calls to another number or transfer calls to a different Skype user to make it easy for your business to remain mobile.

Build a Network

Business owners can set up an account and use the included Skype tools to maximize their experience even further. By setting up a professional network, these business users can communicate with users via Google+, LinkedIn, Skype or Facebook. This, in turn, improves flexibility. Proposals can be posted to the homepage and then principal players within the network can be invited to generate ideas, creations, expertise, investment opportunities and more. Connected users can also browse through posts to find new options to generate income and profit.

Skype offers small businesses a clear-cut method of cost-savings while improving communications. In order to fully maximize their usage, however, some business could find themselves needing to update their IT system so it can handle the increased demands placed on it.

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