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Virtual XP for Windows 7

By:Christine Fettinger

I just saw some really exciting information about a built-in Virtual XP environment in the newest release of Windows 7 from the Windows Supersite Blog.

Microsoft is going to include a download option for Windows 7 that will give users a licensed Windows XP SP3 virtual platform. Apparently the option is only available to the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.

It’s a brilliant move by Microsoft as it solves one of the last big complaints about moving from XP to Vista. Application Compatibility. Now for those remaining applications that haven’t been updated to work with Vista yet, users can continue to use them in the Virtual XP environment.

In addition, application in the virtual Windows XP can be easily published as virtual applications to Windows 7. The user just needs to put a shortcut to the All Users Start Menu in Windows XP. Then the application will show up in Windows 7 and be launched just like any other program. It’s still technically running in Windows XP, but it appears to just be another Windows 7 program.

For more details and in-depth analysis, I highly recommend checking out the following couple sites: