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Web Apps

What is a Web App?

Web Apps are simplified applications accessing the web. Some examples of online web apps include OWA (Outlook Web App) and Google Docs. When accessing OWA you are essentially using the web app to access at the bare minimum. Outlook is full fledged email application that can be purchased through Office 365. For those who are unfamiliar with the latest version Outlook should visit our sister site at

Storing an application on a remote server delivered through the internet is a Web App.  By using a browser interface you can interact with the web app exchanging information in place of a native application designed for a PC.

Why do we need Web Apps?

Software companies are constantly creating web apps to support local applications.

  • Web apps depend entirely on the server distributing the information to the user.
  • As web apps evolve it is important to recognize which web app is suitable for your business.
  • Often users can confuse a web app with a mobile app as they are very different.

Web Apps in Small Businesses

As programmers develop more applications related to business the demand for web apps will rise. Take the Outlook Web App (OWA) for example, Microsoft is developed this web app to give users the option to login to an Outlook web interface. Users will find similarities between OWA and Outlook 2013 as you can still process important tasks such as sending and receiving an email.  It makes no sense to download and install Outlook 2013 for every computer you check your email on.

Another example is accessing your CRM (customer relationship management) system through a web app. Depending on which CRM provider they might already have a web app available. Installing the CRM application on your personal computer might require the user to purchase another license.

Information Technology Glossary

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Office 365 Advisors Glossary

Below here we have an additional glossary from our partner site Office 365 Advisors.

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