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Is Your Bellevue IT Services Company Talking To You About Your Windows 2003 Server Upgrades?

By:Christine Fettinger

Book Your Windows 2003 Upgrade Meeting Now.  Time Is Running Out & Projects Are Filling Up Fast.

In a few short months from now Microsoft will be ending its support of the Windows 2003 Server operating system. Being uninformed and unprepared for the upgrades necessary will lead to trouble if your company is still operating on this system. The looming cutoff date, July 14th 2015, doesn’t leave much time for IT service companies to update existing systems or transfer your workload to the cloud – you should be talking about it now.

Not enough businesses operating on Windows 2003 Server have calculated a plan for the changeover with their IT company – you need to start now.

What Do You Need to Know?

  • The impending deadline may leave your business without adequate time to complete a full changeover of systems
  • Operating servers that continue to function with unsupported systems are at great risk due to unfixed security exposures and outdated software
  • Third party products that you’re using in conjunction with Windows Server 2003 will likely no longer be supported
  • Putting off the update or having issues with making the switch can compromise data and leaves information and risk – crafting a plan now is crucial
  • Choosing an approach to lessen the risks with upgrading can be difficult and is reliant on on the IT environment – your IT service company needs to help you create a plan
  • A universal solution to address all scenarios doesn’t exist. The best approach is to create a combination of practices based on analysis of risk management

Finding the right approach for your server upgrade isn’t easy, but the right IT service team will help you device an effective transition plan.

To learn more about the end of support for Windows 2003 server and how your business can avoid the potential risks, contact CyberStreams at or by phone at (425) 2_74-1121.