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Windows 8

CyberStreams, Inc. is a premier Microsoft Certified Partner and a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist. CyberStreams, Inc. has in-depth experience with Microsoft Windows 8. CyberStreams, Inc. designs, installs, implements, trains, monitors, manages, and/or maintains all Microsoft software platforms for your business.

Here’s our list of the top Windows 8 improvements:
Windows 8

  • Faster. Startup has never been quicker. Restarting and booting has been redone to enhance speed, so you can get to your work earlier. Also, all of the applications on your Windows 8 platform run constantly without taking away from your resources. This completely eliminates time wasted when launching programs.
  • Optimized for Tablets. The layout of Windows 8 runs on an application-based interface. This tile design transfers well when working on your tablet. The touchscreen features have been maximized in Windows 8 for both workstation and mobile use. A slimmer Internet Explorer 10 available on both the workstation and the tablet presents web browsing in a simpler format. Also, there is a Split Keyboard option to type with only your thumbs when out of the office.
  • Notifications. Email Notifications now show on your Lock Screen. When you return to your workstation, you will automatically see if there are new messages to check or if you continue to work elsewhere. Also, the applications’ notifications constantly update and appear on their tiles. This removes the need to open an application to investigate for updates.
  • Live USB. With Live USB, you can take your entire workstation with you. By using a USB drive, a user’s entire programs, settings, and files transfer to any other Windows 8 device for continuing work.
  • New Task Manager. Right clicking on a running program will now run a search for it on the web. This will explain what the program is and what it is doing. Also, all of the startup items on the taskbar are listed and easily malleable.
  • System Refresh. Without deleting any music, documents, or movies, a total system can be refreshed. If there are problems, there is no reason to hesitate to wipe and reboot the system. All of the files will remain intact.