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Windows Mobile 6.1 email issue

By:Christine Fettinger

Windows Mobile 6.1 is a better and more stable OS than Windows Mobile 5, but there are still some bugs that Microsoft has been fixing, and still needs to fix.  I ran into one of these recently when working with an email account configuration. Here’s what happened, and how to fix it.

The Windows Mobile device had been setup for a corporate email account, using ActiveSync settings. The user wanted a second email account configured. After configuring the TAPI and SMTP settings for the second email account, I noticed that incoming email was working fine, but no outbound email could be sent. After researching the issue, it turned out that the outbound email server needed a custom SSL port entered.  In Windows Mobile 6, you can now enter this using the following format: (so you could enter  After this new setting was entered, outbound email still could not be sent.

I eventually discovered that this bug had been reported to Microsoft, and a hotfix was available.  It turns out that the first time you try sending email, the outbound server settings get corrupted. I downloaded and installed the hotfix on the Mobile device, then deleted and re-created the second email account settings. After this was completed, I gave it a test and… outbound email sent successfully!

Here’s the Microsoft KB link for this issue: