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Windows Mobile 7, Ready or Not?

By:Christine Fettinger

The new age of the smartphone and PDA is here, and Microsoft (one of the oldest members of this market) is late to the party. Originally, Microsoft’s new smartphone OS, Windows Phone 7, was slotted for arrival in December of 2009. Have no fear though, the now re-branded Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is on its way, tentatively set to arrive during the vague “holiday 2010” time period.

Whatever the previous reputation of Windows Mobile products may have been, it is about to change with WP7. The new user interface is a huge step up from previous models because it seems intuitive and easy to use. It looks a lot like the new Zune interface and can also be synchronized to Xbox Live. Most importantly, Microsoft has put in a lot of work into having the phone do the work of organizing your life for you, like all smartphones are supposed to. For example, instead of a contacts option in the menu, there is a “People” option which not only shows you all of your contacts, but also, their newest updates via Facebook, Windows Live, etc.

Then comes Microsoft’s party piece, Office. With WP7 you will have access to the full Office Suite including Outlook and Sharepoint as well as increased usability of all of these programs. The obvious target for a lot of these features is the businessperson who is trying to synch with their business network. This is the advantage that WP7 has over the new and already available Droid 2.0 and iPhone 4.

Due to its tardiness and its subpar predecessors, some believe that Windows Phone 7 will have to be a great and popular product or it may become the next Kin. So, you decide, is this exciting new Windows product going to be fashionably late or too late to matter?