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Yearning to Work Outside the Office? Make Mobility Easy While Gaining a Competitive Advantage By Leveraging Cloud Technology

By:Christine Fettinger

According to Forrester Research, the public cloud market is estimated to reach $191 million by 2020. In 2013, they reported $58 billion. The cloud bridges the gap by delivering efficiency across platforms by allowing apps of any kind to connect to each other.

Why is the cloud growing and making so much money? It’s all about mobility.

KMPG’s 2014 Cloud Survey reported a 54% increase towards employee productivity with the use of mobile devices, along with 48% higher employee satisfaction. This fact alone will save countless hours, and higher employee satisfaction leads to high morale. Who doesn’t want happy employees? It’s equivalent to having nice tools at your disposal, and the right tool for the right job. Plain and simple, the cloud is your tool, and CyberStreams will show you how to use it!

When shopping for devices, most users will research towards purchasing the right product. It’s natural and easy to like a product handpicked and used personally. Please take note every work environment will vary as there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Below you will find other useful cloud mobility facts:

  • 45% Improved field service operations
  • 44% gain a competitive advantage
  • 43% Increased sales/revenue
  • 38% Improve/maintain existing competitive advantage
  • 37% decreased IT costs

Cloud Readiness

There are so many benefits to going mobile with the cloud – make sure you know how to leverage them! Find out more about what the cloud means for your business by contacting CyberStreams at (425) 2_74-1121 or, and see how simple and effective mobility is.