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“7 Tips For Managing a Remote Work Force And Keeping Your Data and Systems Safe...”

This Video Covers:

  • Work From Home Fundamentals - As an employer there are many things you must consider to ensure that your staff is prepared to work from home. We'll cover a number of suggestions to help get them in the right mindset and the right environment.
  • Leadership - These are challenging times and working from home can leave people feeling lonely and disconnected. Managers and Leaders need to be ever more focused on staying connected.
  • Computers and Equipment - Moving from the office to home can be time consuming and difficult. Learn some tips and tricks for making the transition easy.
  • Accountability - Managers often worry about their employees productivity when they aren't in the office. We'll cover some ideas and techniques to help ensure folks are on track.
  • Security - The bad guys are even more active than ever. We'll cover several important issues you should cover before allowing employees to put your companies assets and data on their home networks.
  • Team Building - Let's face it, people are social creatures. It takes extra focus and effort to hold your team together when they are remote. Aaron Schmookler, of The Yes Works, will be joining us to share some innovative ways to motivate your team and keep them aligned during these challenging times.

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Meet Your Guest Presenter

Aaron Schmookler works with business leaders who believe that their people are their greatest asset to build structures, habits, and mindsets that support an enduring collaboration culture so their companies profit and attract top talent, and so their people find fulfillment and reasons to stay. Aaron and The Yes Works serve clients across industries including Microsoft, MOD Pizza, DiscoverOrg, and SOG Knives to make work good for people and people good for work.