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What is a Zero Day Vulnerability?

By:Christine Fettinger


The term zero-day is used to define vulnerabilities or attacks that are unpatched. It’s often used to direct an attack from Trojan horses, rootkits, viruses, worms, and malware. When a malicious hacker exploits a vulnerability with no patches available; this is considered a zero-day attack. The software company is either aware or completely oblivious to the exploit. Until there is a fix, patch, or solution; there are zero days until the vulnerability is patched.

Within the time frame, hackers can root the vulnerability with a worm or virus that can potentially spread and harm computers. These vulnerabilities can exist before a zero-day. It can span from a couple days to years. Attackers can discover vulnerabilities without software developers knowing. Such as exploiting software which is no longer supported.

One can easily compare zero-day to Windows XP, since the operating system is unsupported and unpatched by Microsoft. In this case, zero-day can go on forever! A great example is Adobe’s Flash player that is consistently under attack. Recently drive-by-download attacks have occurred; upon opening a compromised website with Flash—the browser is immediately affected.

It could potentially crash and allow the attacker to take control of your system. For updates, we only recommend Flash updates directly from Adobe. Business owners who are reading this need a fortified antivirus, firewall, and backup solution to protect against zero-day attacks. Therefore, in an event of a zero-day vulnerability, there could be potentially less downtime.

CyberStreams maintains a close partnership with ESET – and we recommend their Endpoint Anti-virus suite with a proven track record. Why do we recommend this suite? Because:

  • ESET Endpoint can detect macro and script viruses.
  • ESET Endpoint catches 90% of zero-day attacks.
  • ESET Endpoint preserves network speed and stability.
  • ESET Endpoint offers advanced monitoring and reporting tools.
  • ESET Endpoint comes with various tools and customization options.

Need the best anti-virus suite that brings true value to your business while keeping your network safe? CyberStreams recommends ESET’s Endpoint Anti-virus suite above all others!

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