Our Structured Network Cabling Services

Your communication setup should service today and prepare for tomorrow.

At Cyberstreams, our LayerOne cabling service does just that. Using flexible communication technology and high-speed networks, we get all of your information from point A to B instantly.

Don’t let data get lost between your data center and your end-users. Our experts will ensure all network cables abide by specific guidelines and meet the latest standards in cabling technology.

Our Services

Cat 5E/Cat 6 Installation and Certifications

We don’t just set up network cabling - we train others to do so. Turn to LayerOne for all of your Cat 5E/Cat 6 installation and certification needs. Our experts will help create new BTS Certified Technicians with well-structured courses and advanced knowledge sharing.

Fiber Optic Installation and Certifications

CyberStreams will help you install fiber optics and certify your team members to do so on their own. We teach (and handle) everything from fusion splicing to fiber repairs.

Data Center Infrastructure Design and Installation

We’re here to help you design, build, and implement flexible communication centers and data collection strategies. Our cabling services decrease downtime and properly label all of your data for fast problem-solving and learning.

Cornering ONE Design and Installation

When it comes to any Cornering ONE wireless platform, we’re your gurus. Let us simplify your connectivity and ensure you’re taking advantage of all the platform’s features and benefits.

Video Surveillance and Security Systems

Our cabling services don’t stop at communication. We’re also here to hook up your video surveillance and security systems. Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority.

Telephone Wiring and Installation

Technology is moving forward - and so are our phone systems. Experience dependable voice and data wiring, excellent connectivity, and 100% reliable support from our team.

Office and Building Relocations

Whether you’re transitioning into a new office or simply renovating, we’re ready to rewire and cable all of your network needs. In fact, we’ll take things a step further and improve your current setup, optimizing for efficiency and modernity.

WLAN and LAN Design and Installation

You need WiFi, and you need it now. We’ll ensure every part of your office is connected with well-planned Wi-Fi access points and signal coverage research. Never lose service again on your way across the building.

UPS Design and Installation

Our team selects the best location for your UPS system prior to installation. Then, we create a project timeline and analyze the risks associated with the process. Post-installation, we’ll ensure your power system is streamlined and error-free.

Network Readiness Assessments

Find out what your current and future capacity needs are via a network readiness assessment. We scan for vulnerabilities, management flaws, and other ways you can improve your network.

Infrastructure Evaluations

Want to take things a step further? Let us evaluate your current IT infrastructure, then make network and cabling recommendations based on our analysis.

Network Cabling Services

For Modern Communication

Customize Your Network Setup

At Cyberstreams, we know that cookie-cutter network setups don’t cut it. We’ll take the proper steps to optimize your network with highly customized components. Our team:

  • Assesses how long your business will be at that current location.
  • Analyzes your current and future data speed requirements.
  • Creates a business growth plan.
  • Provides data and voice cabling services based on your location.
  • Remains flexible for improvements and add-ons.
  • Offers continuous access to pathways and support.
  • Designs expert work areas that meet your needs.
  • Connects all of your business equipment.
  • Boosts your location’s security to meet safety standards.
  • Earns RCDD design approval for all customizations.


About Network Cabling

Should we install CAT5e or CAT6?

This answer depends, but at Cyberstream, we almost always recommend Category 6 or higher. This will help you keep up with the growing bandwidth and speed demands of our time.

What is the difference between structured and conventional wiring?

Conventional wiring offers very little data capacity when compared to structured wiring. We ensure all of our clients experience high-speed information transfers with advanced structured wiring for telephones, fax machines, data communications, and computer signals.

Why is professional cabling so important?

Up to half of your network problems are most likely related to your cabling - and yet most companies barely give their cabling issues the time of day. You need a reliable team to ensure your network is supportive and running 24/7.

What are cable length limits?

Length limits are not for particular cables, but rather for the type of data signal that they carry. There are cabling standards that have been set for Cat 5, 5e, 6, etc., but these revolve more around worst-case-scenarios than true limitations. Talk to our team to learn what cable length limits are required for your specific project, cable type, and data signal.

Do I need a cabling project permit?

In most cases, yes - you will need permits that abide by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), the National Electric Code (NEC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70), and your specific state, county, and city requirements. We’re here to help you navigate these regulations and stay in compliance with your specific location.

Why Choose LayerOne From Cyberstreams?

It doesn’t matter if you’re re-cabling or setting up an entirely new network - LayerOne is your top choice for certified cabling services. Your network is your IT system’s foundation, and we’ll ensure it’s a strong one. Our level of expertise and dedication to our customers is among the best that Seattle’s IT landscape has to offer.

Tired of dealing with a network that’s glitchy and unreliable?

Talk to our team today about professional cabling. Call (206) 385-1806 or reach out online.

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